Osteopaths – What Do They Do?

Osteopaths – What Do They Do?

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Osteopaths have a sense of touch that is highly developed. They use this sense of touch, also called as palpation to lessen swelling, relieve pain, increase mobility and locate strains. They help their clients to develop bones, muscle, ligaments, joints and nerves that work effectively together. Thus, the osteopath has the key to his client’s well being.

Pitsea Osteopathprofessionals work with various clients who are experiencing a whole variety of problems. They mainly work with:

  • Old people who are suffering from arthritis.
  • Adults dealing with pain in lower back.
  • Sportspersons trying to recover from an injury.
  • Women dealing with posture changes due to pregnancy.

Before they start treating clients, they discuss their health problems as well as medical history thoroughly. They mainly focus on your posture and gait and they also pay much attention on the muscles, vertebrae, and ligaments.

After diagnosing the problem, they plan the treatment, and that involves tender and hands- on methods like:

They may also advise their clients on matters like diet, lifestyle, and exercise. If they cannot address the problem fully, they may recommend another doctor. The doctors in Pitsea for arthritistreatments also treat patients dealing with these problems.

If you are looking to become an osteopath professional, you would need to fulfil some requirements. You would need to finish Masters Degree or get an approved degree. You would also need to register with the GOsC or General Osteopathic Council. For people who already have the medical qualification, a short programme may be needed.

In order to get a degree in Osteopathy/osteopathic medicine, you will generally need to study maths, English, as well as science subjects. Human biology, biology, chemistry, physics must be included as part of the curriculum. You may also check with the universities to get more detailed information.