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What makes a good health insurance company?  Well, for starters, a good health insurance company has a good track record.  How can we as consumers assess the record of a company?  I’d first start by simply searching the company’s name online.  You’ll generally find a number of reviews, both good and bad, but what you want to watch for is a pattern of abuse.  This is easy to spot.  Look for a history of lawsuits as well as any media coverage that perspective companies may have received in the last couple of years.  If there is a problem, you can find it.

Beyond that, however, good insurers also offer excellent services that are tailored to your specific needs.  Everyone is different.  The idea that someone twenty years old needs the same type of coverage as someone who is sixty five is ludicrous.  So what I’d look for is a company that provides a wide range of plans with different deductibles and limits.  Obviously, if you are young and relatively healthy, you might want to opt for the high deductible plans that offer coverage for emergencies but generally don’t cover preventative and primary care services.  If you’re old, on the other hand, then you’ll want to opt for the coverage that provides the most benefits within your price range.  The rationale being that you will more than likely see the doctor more than the younger, healthier person.

Unfortunately, most markets across the United States have a limited number of participants selling healthcare.  This is due to a number of different issues, such as state regulatory problems.  Generally, you can find about three to five good companies that provide coverage in your area.  You just have to ask around.  I’d recommend you ask the family doctor first, since you’ll probably want to purchase insurance that he/she accepts.  The doctor probably also knows quite a bit about which companies provide the best coverage and which ones don’t.  You should also consider asking your friends.  Be particularly mindful of any complaints they may have, because bad insurance can often be worse than no insurance at all.

Finally, finding the best private health insurer isn’t as important as finding a good one that is right for you.  In particular, you’ll want a plan that offers the coverage you need at a price that you can ultimately afford.  Focus on that instead of the company’s reputation, as often online reviews are skewed negatively to begin with.  For more information, I’d check with the Better Business Bureau.  They’re much more reliable than anonymous reviews on the internet and can give you a better idea of a company’s reputation.